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, i'm all for him getting out. i'm all for mitt romney -- i'm for everybody getting out. i wish president obama would just hand me the thing. but that's not going to happen. >> but can romney cure his southern discomfort? as republicans start battling for the bible belt, joe biden weighs in. >> i kind of look through all their personal squabbling and their characteristics and their personalities and look at what they're saying. and there's no fundamental difference. >> plus, today is international women's day. michelle obama and hillary clinton team up to salute women of courage. >> to all of those who are oppressed and abused and left out and left behind, they are saying, i am standing with you. i am fighting for you. you are not alone. >>> and today's agents of change in our women in the world series, from the uk, sarah brown, leader on women's education and the white ribbon alliance. and path breaker and philanthropist, deann. plus, the leader of the arab spring, dahlia jiada. that is if that massive solar flare hurling toward earth doesn't hit us first. >>> but we're still h
are creating change. on the campaign trail, romney unleashing the silver fox. >> hi, this is bar brar bush calling for romney for president on behalf of our friend, mitt romney. we have known the romneys for years and believe mitt is the best man to lead the country for next four years. >> but just wait until you hear what barbara bush refused to say in the call about president obama. and romney's sons get the s and l treatment. >> so mitt romney's five adult sons why should people get excited and not terrified about your presence to trail? >> our average age is 36 and our medi median age is 35. see, we are just like you, america. >> good day, i'm andrea mitchell live in washington skeshs are -- conservatives are getting behind romney but there's a big swing in women voters against congressional members. chris cillizza is a managing editor of post and chuck todd host of the daily run down and chief of all things polling. chuck, first to you in the new poll. it shows that mitt romney has the support of 38% of likely republican voters. this is his best showing yet, rick santorum
>>> right now on "andrea mitchell reports," southern discomfort, romney complains about the damage of a pro longed fight. >> can you imagine anything that would be a bigger gift to barack obama than us us not having a nominee until the end of august. it's not going to happen. >> with 90 delegates at stake and no clear front-runner, santorum and gingrich are slogging on. >> we have been running a, marathon breathing through a straw. we are sucking hard on that straw trying get as much air as we can in. >> we have a chance to break loose. it would be be so close that we would be moving forward, that everyone would move forward. >> let the spin begin. meanwhile, massacre in afghanistan, new protests after u.s. soldier goes on a killing spree. president obama said that the fall out will not drive america out. >> make no mistake, we have a strategy that will allow us to responsibly wind down this war. we are transitions to the afghans that are moving into the lead. that will allow us to bring our roops home. >> and today president obama hosts prime minister david cameron for his first o
bless the united states of america. >> good day, i'm andrea mitchell, the romney campaign said it would take an act of god for santorum or gingrich to win the nomination. romney won six states last night including a narrow victory in ohio, but he has not won republican hearts and minds according to the exit polls. first, me ask you to take a quick reaction to the president's speech, i think you heard what he had to is say in north carolina. he is coming out strongly against particularly against what newt gingrich said about delivering $2.50 gas. your comments? >> well, you i like at the president's energy policy and i see another failure of the administration, i've been traveling as romney has gone state to state and people are fed up not only with the high price of gas but also high food prices. and at the same time, that these basic costs are on the increase, incomes are declining, and add to that there are still people out of work or stuck in part time work, you can see why this election year will be a challenge to the president. >> the immediate challenge for romney is nailing down
for being with us. >> thank you. >> and in politics, mitt romney's campaign is down playing his third place finishes in both alabama and mississippi. by insisting that the delegate count is the thing that matsers not finishing first or second. rick santorum is losing the math. >> senator santorum is at the desperate end of his campaign and trying in some way to boost his prospects and misrepresenting the truth is not a good way of doing that. >> for someone who thinks the race is inevitable, he spent a lot of money. >> former missouri senator is a senior adviser, thank you for joining us, but, how do you explain what is happening here? mitt romney can not seem to break 30 in the south, this is the heart land of republican politics, this is the base and if he cannot persuade the republican base and get people fired up for his campaign, how does he actually go on, he could win the nomination, but be so weakened by them. >> well, i do think we are on track to win the nomination, he has won two states in the south, he has been competitive every wrr where, that is three or four months ago, i was
on will be exactly the same. >> right now on "andrea mitchell reports" can mitt romney shake it up and start all over again? can president obama hit the restart button on pipeline politics. cries from the heart. the parents of slain teen trayvon martin join hundreds of protesters in new york city. >> our son is your son. i want you to stand up for justice and stand up for what's right. this is not about black and white thing. this is about a right and wrong thing. >> as the outrage grows should the sanford police chief step down? with us his boss, sanford city manager. plus, who will protect the children. joining us civil rights pioneer and congressman john lewis. woman power, our state legislators rethinking their controversial health care proposals. rachel maddow joining us. i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. mitt romney's political rivals pounced on the campaign's etch-a-sketch flub serving up political theater with props. >> he said it's like an etch-a-sketch. >> he said it was like an etch-a-sketch. >> like an etch-a-sketch. >> this is an etch-a-sketch. >> an etch-a-sketch. >> an etch-a-ske
. >> in the republican race, every delegate counts. mitt romney spends big money in illinois, while rick santorum makes a play for puerto rico. >>> and the gift that keeps on giving. no shortage of campaign laughs on late-night. ♪ it's raining mitt >>> what an image. good day. i'm chris cillizza, live in washington, in today for andrea mitchell. in our "daily fix," politicians and celebrities mingled at the white house state dinner last night, where the obamas hosted the british prime minister and his wife. msnbc contributor and my colleague at "the washington post," jonathan capehart, he's an editorial writer at "the post," he was there. jonathan, your style, i can imagine while you made the invite list and not me, pocket squares and what not. tell me, first of all, this is not an event that most people get to go to. set the scene. what's it like to be at a state dinner, in particular, last night's? >> well, excuse me, being invited is one of those, one of those thrills, when you get that ivory-colored envelope that just has a simple return address, "the white house." but getting there, going throug
, another challenge as mitt romney hopes for a decisive win in illinois where he has a big advantage in delegate slates over rick santorum. chris si chris and mark. welcome both. first of all, let's talk about battle ground illinois the importance of this. chris, first to you. if mitt romney wins the popular vote and wins the delegate vote, much of a setback is that to rick santorum? >> andrea, at some point rick santorum is going to have to win somewhere where we don't expect and where it will allow him to make the case that, yes, mitt romney has a large delegate lead but, yes, i can keep him from that magic 1144 number for even get it myself. losing michigan, losing ohio, granted, narrowly, we think, we don't know, losing illinois, doesn't fit that mold. it's likely on saturday he'll go and win in louisiana, that should help him somewhat. but at some point given the delegate math, given romney's organizational and financial advantages, at some point rick santorum is going to have to win a big state where people don't expect him to win and where the demographics of the state, it's n
fix today as more republican holdouts get in behind behind romney. a new poll shows rick santorum is in trouble in wisconsin which votes tuesday trailing romney by seven points among likely republican voters. down 40 to 33%. ri and joins me on the set. hey, chris, first of all, thanks for holding down the fort this week. great having you here. >> i was happy to. >> talk about wisconsin, on to wisconsin and the fact is rick santorum there and then pennsylvania where he's already holding on to a narrowing lead in his home state over mitt romney. you get the feeling that this thing is coming together if not numerically, the momentum. >> take the last ten days. the last ten days starting with the illinois primary and going to today. what have we seen? mitt romney convince by 12 points in illinois and then goes on to get jeb bush's endorsement, paul ryan's endorsement, marco rubio, george h. w. bush's endorsement. freedomworks says we're not opposed to mitt romney being the nominee anymore. it feels like it's coalescing. if that margin holds or gets a little bit bigger, i
for months, former florida governor jeb bush endorsed mitt romney this morning. will other republican holdouts now get on board? chris cillizza is managing editor of post and msnbc news chief white house correspondent and political director chuck todd is host of the "daily rundown" right here on msnbc. jeb is the big get. >> a big get. there's they're or fo there's three or four more to get. the nomination plane is coming in for the landing the wheels are down. you can always abort landings. you can't -- this jeb bush endorsement, it's important. it would be -- it has been more telling that it took so long. look how it was done, by press release, by tweet. and then the romney campaign even you know, they put out a release talking about that it happened. >> where was the joint news conference? where was the stopover in florida? >> there's a long history here. jeb bush has not been happy with mitt romney and how mitt romney has run for president for both cycles. you can talk to friends of his. he was very excited about the idea of romney's presidential campaign until 2007.
fix" romney heads to ohio today with one more delegate in his column, after the michigan republican party gave him a post-game win, voteding to award the two at large delegates, giving romney a 16-14 delegate edge in the state, instead of a 15 all tie. chris is a contributor and managing editor of "post" we said the other day that super tuesday's run up, that this was now going to be trench warfare, delegate by delegate, the romney team proved it right away. this is not only bragging rights which is important, but it's changing the rules mid game, we have proof from the michigan republican chairman to nbc news that in fact, this was supposed to be proportional and they did change the rules after the fact and every delegate will count. >> well, it shows you that the romney camp or the michigan the campaign pushing in that direction, is literally willing to fight for every delegate. i'm skeptical that it goes all the way out into june and into the convention as a pure delegate race. i think if mitt romney is able to win ohio on tuesday, there will be an attempt to coalesc
big day today, subpoeper tuesda this could cement the nomination for romney or not. given the ups and downs of the season. and the first formal white house press conference getting ready to start in a few moments from now. let's get to it. there are 424 delegates up for grabs in 11 states enough to cement romney's claim to the nomation or keep his opponents hopes alive. >>> well. >> glad to be here. >> glad to have you. first, to you, tom, we have seen super tuesdays with more contests, certainly, there were 25 four years ago, but this one has its own focus because we have seen so many ups and downs and mitt romney having just win michigan and won so big in arizona, if you were to win ohio today, he could very clearly -- he could very easily get this thing pulled together. >> they are trying to dress me up here andrea. >> you just keep talking. we are looking at the map. >> i cannot quite get myself going. there are a number of things here in play today. let's begin with the states that are in play. let's begin with the state of ohio, for example, no republican candidate has been
polls call for desperate. >> some romney supporters are calling this rick santorum's scorched earth strategy suggesting that it would be better to have barack obama than to elect mitt romney. vin webber is a romney supporter, a republican strategist and a former member of congress. i don't know whether the party can ever come together. but the question is whether or not rick santorum is going farther than most second-place finishers go right now. >> first of all, the party is going to come together. one of the misleading things that people have learned about this race that isn't true is that the conservatives in the party will never get behind romney. that's not true. it is true they supported other candidates in the primary, the most conservative republicans but the polls have always shown that romney was a perfectly acceptable choice and they're getting behind him now and going to be behind him in the fall. the problem is with rick santorum is rick santorum. he doesn't have a rationale for his candidacy to go forward anymore so he's trying to create a false dichotomy between himse
the impact of that and a question raised by jaly leno of mitt romney last night on health care. >> seems like children and people with pre-existing conditions should be covered. >> as long as you've been continuously insured you ought to be able to get insurance forward. >> suppose they were never insured. >> if they're 45 years old and show up and say i want insurance because i've got a heart disease, we can't play the game like that. >> chrysalis cillizza, romney ry being questioned rigorously by jaly leno. his answer makes it clear what the differences are between the romney position now at least and the white house position on health care. >> yeah, and you know, andrea what's interesting about this, jay leno whether wittingly or unwittingly hit on something fascinating which is if you look at polling overall on the its affordability care act, it's about low 40% approval, high 40%, maybe low 50% disapproval. if you look at certain elements though, many of the individual elements pre-existing conditions, children under 26 being able to be covered, those things are incredibly popular. it's t
obama's health care bill. >> and at the same time, you have this potential misstep by mitt romney. he was asked about it yesterday, and initially he said he was against the blunt amendment, doesn't think that politics should play a role in these kinds of contraception debates. then said that he hadn't understood the question, that he was in favor of it. then you had santorum being asked about that today. let's watch. >> we saw an insight into what's in the gut of governor romney yesterday. when he was asked a question about the blunt amendment. his knee-jerk reaction was, no, i can't be for that. well, then after his consultants talked to him and, then he came back, he said, oh, i didn't understand the question. my gut reaction would be, you stand for the first amendment, you stand for freedom of religion. >> does this undercut mitt romney's attempts to prove that he is a real conservative? is this a real touchstone for conservatives, especially coming up towards super tuesday? >> you know, andrea, late on tuesday night, i wrote something saying that romney having one arizona in michi
oil industry. on the campaign trail, a new endorsement for mitt romney. a florida connection help him win the race for the republican nomination. new video of the man say shot and killed trayvon martin. it shows george zimmerman hours after the shooting and it's raidsing a lot of questions. hiring our heroes, what is being done to help those who gave so much, find a way to make it work once they come back home. ♪ >> that is some good picking. that is earl scruggs, the passing of a legend, one of the kings of blue grass, mr. scruggs died at the age of 88. he picked up the banjo at the age of 4 and founded the foggy mountain boys and write the theme song to the beverly hillbillies, he is survived by two sons and five grand children and five great grand children. good day. live in washington hosting today for andrea mitchell. let's turn to our daily fix, the president tried to get out ahead of one political vulnerability, high gas prices. calling on congress to end tax subsidies for big oil. that failed in the snaxt but the white house insists there are no contingency plans for dea
mitchell live in washington. in our daily fix today, mitt romney and rick santorum battling head to head for illinois which holds its primary tomorrow. romney has a big advantage. he and his supporters are outspending santorum by 7 to 1. and santorum failed to file delegate slates in four congressional districts. even if romney were to win, would that quiet talk of the first contested republican convention since 1976? chris sill lisa is a managing editor of it does seem as if everyone is talking about the possibility of a contested convention. first of all, there was this video, video of arlen specter announcing his candidacy for president, march 30th, 1995. he wasn't exactly on the same page as the man you'll see behind him, rick santorum on the subject of abortion rights. >> i want to take abortion out of politics. and leave moral issues such as abortion to the conscience of the individual. that is a matter to be decided by women. not by big government. >> and then when you take a look back, you'll see right behind him was rick santorum applauding the whole time. sant
, it was noted that one of romney's successful ways of selling the mandate was talking about free riders, talking about personal responsibility. so this was done, the groups that support the mandate and supported the president were pushing, the white house never picked up on the phraseology. the white house is not campaigned on behalf of their bill. >> no. >> now they are trying the day after the mandate gets hack sawed. >> i think the cake is baked but we'll find out. let's talk about rubio, marco rubio, florida senator, who endorsed mitt romney last night. i think we both agree that this is kind of in some ways a so what. marco rubio is a big figure but who else is he going to endorse. i thought it was interesting, the lack of passion with which he endorsed him. he essentially told the senate reporter for nbc basically that well, we didn't want to have a floor fight at the convention. >> and he's going to win the primary. >> it's like i don't like him that much but he's going to win. >> this is a pattern with the more conservative guy who is think 2016 is a possibility in case romney loses who
and it got him off track. it cost him maybe ohio and i think we may look back at mitt romney, if he winds up putting delegates together that he needs eventually in the race, and look back and see ohio and michigan as two shots that santorum had that he just missed. >> chris cillizza, and david, thank you both for joining us today. and we are just learning more about an american airlines flight that just left the gate at dfw airport in dallas heading for chicago when an incident occurred involving some of the cabin crew, the plane was returned to the gate and two flight attendants were taken to hospitals. the passengers were not in any danger at any time. the cabin crew was replaced and the flight left after that in the morning. some passengers tweeted, crazy flight attendant yelling about terrorist and our plane crashing, get restrained by passengers and another passenger added we had a crazy flight a techb dent who was at thing us that we would crash and die and got into a fight and had to be held down by five guys. the airline is of course, investigating this incident. one eyewitness told
that the contrast between him and mitt romney over health care could not be greater. and that the supreme court case is the great context for that. is he making the argument? >> well, look, andrea, he takes a calculated risk when he goes to the supreme court to make the argument. he knows it will get attention but also knows that he is going to face the protesters and this isn't going to be a perfectly managed environment. unfortunately for rick santorum, the horse is kind of out of the barn. i do think health care is problematic for mitt romney. we've thought it was problematic for him in a republican primary throughout, but at this point with the dels where they are, with the money where it is, if rick santorum hasn't made the case to voters that mitt romney's position on health care makes him a weaker general election nominee, i don't see how he makes it now. >> and what about all the pressure of this campaign and what many have said has long been a hidden factor of rick santorum which is his temper. it's why many people who serve with him say he's an edgy guy who doesn't have a lot of endorsemen
he was completely out manned and out gunned by romney in the super pac. newt had no money, no campaign. no plans to have a campaign that the point. and i think he is trying overcome the recent history of him getting into this thing so under prepared and for someone who is a military historian, it's surprising that he could not get his army organized before he jumped in with both feet. >> he has a way of turning the attack against whoever is questioning his motives or his rational for how he proceeds. >> yes, and he is very good at it. that is one of the reasons he did so well in the early debate also. everyone was waiting around for the newt gingrich attack to moderator and as he said on the elite media, he attacks the elite media as he calls it 17 time on day and he is on everyone's sunday show. he gets the best of both worlds. and spends the rest of the week attacking the very people he has been bending to his own ends and needs. >> in fact, he as a member of the fox news team was making money as a member of whatever the elite media means, and i don't know how you define
. >> chris, mitt romney and the or candidates, other republicans immediately bounced though romney had his own problems. let's watch what he had to say about that. >> if he's planning on doing more and suggests to russia he is willing to do with them he's not willing to tell the american people to russia, this is without question our number one geopolitical foe, they fight every cause for the world's worst actors. >> i mean, even john boehner, initially, defended the president saying you don't criticize the president even the republican leader of the house saying, and the speaker of the house, john boehner said you don't criticize the president overseas. but the bottom line is, mitt romney, chris, said that russia is our greatest foe. some would suggest that that is a little outdated. >> well, you know, look, andrea, it's two-fold here. this is this unspoken, unstated policy that you don't criticize the president of the united states when he's on foreign soil. now i think, to be frank, mitt romney and his team saw this open mike episode as sort of too good to let pass up politically becaus
, not on this but other things as well. there seems to be a movement and anger out there, let me play a bit of ann romney today trying to mobilize women to the republican camp. this is in mobile alabama. >> any women out there mad about the way our children are kbog to be inheriting this debt. that is what i hear everywhere, these women are talking about the economy. that is what i am loving so much. is hearing women talk about the economy and what are had they cg about? the debts that their children will inherit. >> how do you counter that appeal? >> i think she is doing a good job in trying to steer the conversation away from what her husband and his fellow republican candidates have been talking about for weeks which are dividing issues, controlling women's health care and what benefits are available for, she is try to steer the conversation back to what women care about. sending their kids to college, taking their kids to the a movie every once in a while. it's the economic issues that women care about. what our campaign is doing this week is different, it's celebrating the two-year anniversary of th
Search Results 0 to 41 of about 42 (some duplicates have been removed)